Simple toolbox

A simple toolbox using a linkage mechanism to open it.


After making the big project with Lego brand, I was a bit tired of big constructions and wanted to build something different and small. And I found this by looking my old red metal toolbox. Therefore I designed this lego toolbox with 5 cases, with 4 moving, and a linkage mechanism to open it. When the handle is pushed on the floor, the force tends to make rotate the linkage and open the box. You can pull then the toolbox because there is a reversal point which help the box to be opened even if it is lifted (to pick up your parts). Then, with a little pressure on the box to engage the movement, it closes (a bit abruptly !).


Of course you can not store many lego in it and the movement is a bit abrupt but this is a simple creation with interesting mechanism for opening.

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