Mini Slot Machine

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A LEGO Technic Mini Slot Machine, using Lego marble run mechanism to define probabilities of winning, based on a previous model I have done 10 years ago.


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How it works

The ball (the bet) is loaded in the machine on the top red entrance with the main lever, it goes though a probability path using multiple triangle parts to create two OR gates. If the ball falls in the correct path, it triggers the hatch of the ball container and you win, if not, you lose your ball. The interesting mechanism is the resetting one. Composed of levers, connecting rod, gearing and ratchet, it helps to reset the position of the hatch and lock it, thanks to the decoupled motion between the lift lever and the gear/ratchet. Enabling to lift and lock the hatch only when it is open.

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost.


How to build ?

You only need the parts and the instructions. You can purchase the PDF instructions on this shop which contains the partlist at the end, but you can check on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below.


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16cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 17cm (H) Weight : 0.4kg


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