Berliet T100

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A remote controlled 1/20 reproduction of the French Berliet T100 in LEGO Technic, the largest truck of the world at its time. Features 6×6 drive with pneumatic locking differential, steering, suspensions, front fake V12 engine, rear auxiliary engine connected to the compressor, and a winch.

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The T100 was operated in Algeria at Hassi-Messaoud and returns to France in 1981. Its ability to drive in sand dunes enabled it to participate in 1961-62, in the extinction of the gigantic fire at the oil well in the Gassi-Toui. I decided to reproduce the 700ch model, in order to present this engineer truck, when the France was one of the best competitor in oil field truck.



  • Berliet T100, the biggest truck of its time
  • Scale 1/20, 63cm lenght, 22cm width, 23cm height, 3kg weight.
  • Remote controlled using Sbricks plus smartphone (bluetooth)
  • Drive : 6×6, a L motor on every axle, with differential
  • Fake V12 turbocharged engine connected to the rear axle
  • Steering : M motor with clutch with rack and pinion mechanism
  • Locking differential on each axle using a pneumatic valve
  • Pneumatic supply made with a single compressor (M motor)
  • Auxiliary engine at the rear powered by the compressor motor
  • Winch with a M motor
  • Powered by a regular 9V battery box with 1x sbrick
  • Rear suspensions : live axle with double panhard rod connected with oscillating arm (bogie design) with anti-roll bars
  • Front suspensions  : live axle (5 links) with shock absorbers
  • Openable elements : doors, engine panels, side panels

You can read the full review of this model on the blogpost, or watch the condensed version in video on YouTube.


How to build ?

You can either purchase the PDF instructions only on this shop, or purchase the complete package including genuine LEGO parts plus PDF instructions, on Buildamoc shop.

The instruction contains the partlist at the end, but you can check individually on Rebrickable or in the instructions preview below. The purchased files include also the Sbrick profile to load on your device, as well as the tutorial to know how to do it. You can see what it looks like in the video presentation.

Please note that you have to add a Sbrick to this inventory to control the creation and have a compatible smartphone (please check compatibility prior purchasing). You can swap the Sbricks for classic IR receiver / remote from Lego or a Buwiz but you will need to find space to put them in.

1x sbrick required :

You can purchase individually the sticker sheet on Forwart Sticker’s Shop.


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PDF Instructions Berliet T100 (553 pages / 150mo)
PDF Sbrick Tutorial (9 pages / 2mo)
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