Pneumatic Car

My first pneumatic vehicle : a car. It is powered by a pneumatic 3 inline motor (no fake !) with pneumatic steering, rear suspensions and gearbox with 3 speeds.

The car is powered by Jovel’s i3 engine, but with some modifications. The first is on the structure and second on switching. I tried to make the engine as smooth and reliable as possible but there are some jerks (due to the technology). The steering is operated by a pneumatic cylinder placed in the interior and the gearbox is based on old supercars’ one (inline without driving ring 2+R). The engine is very bulky, that explain why this moc has a long bonnet and a bad design. But it works with air pressure !

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Designed in 2008

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    That is not I don’t want but rather that I don’t have enough time. Don’t you prefer the pneumatic tractor ?

    I plan to create the BI for the LPE3i and tractor. I don’t think that the pneumatic car is a well-apropriate moc. In any case, as you can see in the survey, 75$ for the BI is really expensive. Regards

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