Motorized 4×4 Quad

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  1. Etienne nihoul says:

    J’ai compris que vous étiez français, donc je vais parler en français du à mon mauvais anglais. J’ai 13 ans et je suis fan de vos créations. Je créé moi même des mocs. Ce mocs est vraiment très réussi ! Dans le mode d’emploi, il y a une assez grosse faute. L’essieu arrière est disposé dans le mauvais sens puis les pages vers la fin, miracle il se retrouve dans le bon sens. Mais je vous le pardonne largement vu la qualité de vos mocs ! Continuez comme ça.

  2. Nico71 says:

    This is not in sold, sorry 🙂

  3. Vipul says:

    I want to buy the same kindly let me know how to purchase it and price of the same.

  4. Nico71 says:

    It is based on a Massai S600 Crossover.

  5. Ömer says:

    What is the brand of your ATV?

  6. Freddy says:

    Awesome MOC, thank you for sharing the building instructions.
    Which set contains the old grey swingarm that you was used for steering mechanism?


  7. Nico71 says:

    Wow, What a comment ! I agree with all your point despite one : The IR, I have placed it in order to have the playabilitiy when you are back the creations, in fact the back of the quad is completely open so I have not problem until you stay in back. Thank you for your comment about the building, you have exaclty understood the complexitiy of making such creation with design and functionality. Concerning the two towball under the frame, it is only for displaying on rotating support I have made for the video. Best Regads 🙂

  8. Flyingmic says:

    Hi Nico,

    I’ve rebuild your MOC and must say it’s a very fine creation. The speed is enjoyably fast and the steering quick and smooth. Even though it has only 3 steering positions due to the servomotor it’s totally fine in my opinion. Especially with the fake handle-bar steering which adds a nice touch of authenticity. I don’t see the point of differentials in a MOC that is intended to be an “off-road” vehicle, but if one uses it only indoors it makes perfectly sense. The suspension is a too hard, due to the light wight it hardy suspends. BTW the front suspension is placed a little off in your instructions; the half bushel belongs after the suspension axle hole to make it perpendicular to the framing (page 39). As also visible in the instruction the fake engine is mounted by two axle pins. Even though it fits and works fine, these two pins tend to loosen itself over time. The resulting gap is also visible in your instructions.
    These are all minor flaws; the only thing that does really bother me about this Quad is the fact that you placed the IR receiver under so many panels that the car loses IR connection very often. This fail really cuts in the playability of this MOC.
    Nevertheless the other technical parts of this MOC are perfectly build. I really enjoyed your idea of the front steering that is completely mounted by ball socket connections which is as said before PERFECT! I admire the effort you put in the chassis. I had a little grudge at you when I saw the 2L hoses you used in the grill, but I used a 2L axle and it also worked. So you didn’t have to “cheat”.
    To sum up my impression of this MOC, I think it looks gorgeous and drives great. If it wouldn’t lose IR connection so often it would be perfect.

    PS.: Can you tell me why there are towballs below the battery box?! Is it an artefact?

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