Mechanical Calculator

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6 Responses

  1. Nico71 says:

    1/ panel 5×11 ref 64782
    2/ spring : use spring from lego shock absorbers (grey one)
    3/ push hutton : down : 3941 up : 2654
    All this items are in the bill of material and on rebrickable 🙂

  2. B. Streich says:

    I have a question on 3 items:
    1) # of item on img_3360
    2) # of item of the spring and the pushbutton on img_3343

    Thanks for your help,

    B. Streich

  3. Bob Bobbson says:

    Hey, Nico,

    thanks! It works 😀
    It was in fact the rubber bands!

    Again: thanks.


  4. Nico71 says:

    Hello, can you send me some picture of the overflow mechanism on my email, in order I can see it. I do not oil the mechanism, just set up correctly the mechanism. Is your digit works ? (carry mechanism). I assume that the rubber band of overflow mechanism is too tight which cause high force to release it. Try some smooth rubber band 🙂

  5. Bob Bobbson says:

    I have build your Mechanical Calculator full correctly, but the Overflow mechanism (powered by gravity) doesn´t work correctly, it doesn´t fall down like expected, so it doesn´t work at all.
    Do you have some tipps to fix the problems? Did you oil the mechanism?

    I´m every time really liking your buildings and have built one of the cars, the CVT, the two Planimeters and the helicopter ^^
    Id had some other problems with these, but I was able to fix them all by myself ;D

    But this time, I wasn´t able to find out the bug…

    I would be very happy if you had an idea 😀


    Bob Bobbson

  1. 27/02/2016

    […] aka Nico71 kein Unbekannter. Der Maschinenbauingenieur aus Frankreich konstruiert mechanische Rechenmaschinen, WebstĂźhle oder funktionsfähige Uhren komplett aus bunten BauklĂśtzern. Die Maschinen sind […]

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