Lego Under X-ray #3 – 3D Scan Excavator #42006

The third episode of the Lego under X ray, about this time the 3D scan of the #42006 Excavator.


After exploring a lego servo motor and a wind up motor , I wanted to scan a bigger structure, not to find how it works or find something broken but have a 3D model of it. In deed, the tomography enables the model to be scanned by rotating the model and take pictures each step, then with a algorithm of reconstruction, it reconstructs a full 3D model which can be explored slices by slices or export in .STL file. The model is the Lego excavator #42006, here is the video :

As you can see, the 3D model shows some interesting things. First we can see of course the whole parts composed of the model, maybe interesting to know how it is build but as the structure is quite open, it is easy to understand. I think it could be better to scan a more complicated and small-integrated model. Second is the interior of the linear actuators with a metallic worm screw and axle, again known from years now but nice to see under X-ray without dismantling it.

Lego Grue_Bookmark 6

The third is the most important, there are some air bubbles found in the lego axle. I don’t know why even if I have some clue at this stage, but the resolution of the scan is too small to get proper information (volume, shape, distribution). Therefore  I will make an other video to explore this on several axle because it could be interesting to show this in higher definition of scan. Here is the screenshot where you can see the air bubbles in the axle.