Leaning Tricycle

A leaning tricycle powered by Buwizz 2.0 with RC buggy motor, steering with servomotor, working handlebars, lights, and suspensions. With building instructions.

This creation was developed to test the new Buwizz 2.0 and to create a three wheeled vehicle. I was inspired by leaning tricycle of trike and from the B-twin electrical concep, that was also the occasion to use the small amount of parts I have in medium blue (some panels and beams).


The drive is ensured by a buggy motor on the slowest output, with a chain with 16/40t gearing. Ensuring a high speed with nice acceleration. In this rare case, the particular shape of the buggy motor is useful to made the chassis and have the rear suspensions located in. Note that I have used a small turntable to support the rear arm in order to have something strong. Despite this, the wheel tends to angle a little with the weight and acceleration.

The front suspensions are made by double wishbones with shock absorbers which are very classic. But the functioning of the steering and leaning is very interesting. The two shock absorbers are attached to a T-shaped pillar which can rotate by using the servomotor. In this case, when the leaning pillar is rotated, the tricycle leans without locking the suspensions.


But this is not enough to get the tricycle steered. The leaning is useful for center of gravity especially in three wheeled vehicle. The hub of the axle has to be steered when the tricycle leans. It only needs a small angle to have correct steering. It is made by rotating a little the part which connects the two steering links. It is in fact connected to the axle of the leaning pillar enables to have the leaning linked to the steering and thanks to that have a correct steering during a turning.

Regarding the design, the model is equipped with rear and front lights using LED from lego and transparent bionicle tooth in order to have a lighting signature.  The design is made using medium panel and beam, with some other parts in black for the structure. Note that the buwizz is located behind the seat in the back frame. I have tried to make a good design with a speed impression using round and curvy shape like the rear or the front, but also some futuristic elements like the lights, dashboard and handlebar or seat. I think it could have been better if I had 3×11 curved panels for the roof instead of black.


To finish with the performance. There are very good, the buwizz ensures a very good power on the buggy motor, I do not use the ludicrous mode on the video, only normal and the tricycle reaches a good speed with also steering abilities. In dead, the combinaison of leaning and small steering ensure a good stability in curve even at maximum speed. You can see at the end that the tricycle roll over, this is due to a slipping on the water on the ground combing with acceleration and turning.

I have made building instructions for this model as a photo sequence. You can see the bill of material hon rebrickable here.

Want to know if you can build the leaning tricycle? The leaning tricycle  has been indexed to rebrickable, check it !

Leaning Tricycle Building Instructions (PDF)

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