Motorized Honda Civic EG

One of my favourite car ! Here is a powerful motorised version with front drive wheel, steering, and rear suspension, powered by a lipo batteries.


I own a Honda Civic vtec EG5 (125hp) from 1993, that is why I wanted to reproduce this tiny monster in lego. I have a few month ago bought some new 49mm wheel to make smaller car (influenced by beautiful Lancia Stratos of Piterx), and recently bought a Lipo Lego Batteries (so bored by alkaline batteries). The result is here, a red reproduction of Honda Civic EG series.


The basic functions are drive, steering, rear suspension and openable doors. For the drive train, I have reproduced the original front wheel drive of the civic, using differential frame, and new actuator lego frame to make the pivot of the steering. Two L motor are connected together with 24 tooth gear on 12th, then the axle comes between the motors and after a 20/12 gearing multiplication, it comes to the diff. It ensures a good speed, enables to drift on smooth surfaces.


Concerning the steering, it is operated by a classic servo with rack and pinion. The important thing here is that I use thin 1/2L triangle liftarm enables to have more ground clearance, and for fixing the lego actuator frame which is really strong an convenient regarding the position of the pivot point near the wheel. I think it is the smaller steering/drived axle that I can make.


Regarding the rear suspensions, it is made by using a spring of lego shock absorbers which can slide on a axle. The two arm of suspensions are set to enable to put in a Lego Lipo batteries (smaller) or classic Battery box. Consequently, the old batteries box is located inside the two arms as shown on the pictures :


Concerning the design, as usual I have tried to be the most realistic as possible with the lego parts without compromise the rigidity or constructions. that is why I have set up different element using the panel I have, for instance the bonnet, doors and wheel mudguards. I have also use some techniques to have the middle pillar with a slight curves to reproduce the widen fender. I have also put some racing element, include the Spoon like black front and rear bumper and the Forest rear wing. To finish with the design I am satisfied, the constructions is enough strong to have some accident and take the car by the roof and the design is in accordance to the real (a little bit bulky on the rear because of the available Lego parts and scale).

IMG_2529For the performance,  there are good, because of the weight : 750gr (thank you lipo batterie) and the power (2L motor), the car can drift on smooth surface and moves pretty fast. For the video, I have had the chance to have the professional scale modeling racing club of Thyez (74 – France) for my shooting, thanks to him ! See it in video :


Building Instructions

You can see the bill of material on rebrickable :

Want to check before if you can build the Honda Civic  ? The Honda Civic has been indexed to, the website which matches your parts with mocs !

The Photo sequence of the building instructions :

Have a good building !

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    Je suis épaté ; enfin un montage permettant de créer une traction avant pouvant faire moins de 16 tenons de large et assez rigide. J’ai enfin pu terminer ma Citroen DS en reprenant le principe de cette transmission !! C’est une vrai réussite !

    Encore bravo.

    Hello, sorry I have not, only the picture you see under the title building instructions. 🙂

    I need a building instruction of the Honda Civic EG in PDF. If you have one, please write me. Thx

    Hello Nico, do you have the Honda Civic EG’s building instructions in PDF? Thanks. Nelson

    boujour, je suis belge et fan de vos créations !! pouvez vous faire des instructions photos séquences s’il vous plait !!!

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