Handling Truck

A 8×4 handling truck, equiped with steering, fake engine, pneumatic stabilisers, pneumatic arm and pneumatic skip (lifted and tilted).

My favorite truck I have created. The pneumatic stabilisers have two functions : extend and lift. Extension is made with a rack pinion system. Pneumatic arm is a classic 2-section arm with hook. It is mounted on the turntable which can rotate. The skip can be lifted and tilted with a couple of pneumatic cylinders. Steering angles on two front axles aren’t the same thanks to a reduction (12/20). The moc has 5 pneumatic functions for 8 pneumatic cylinders. This is a great example what lego technic can offer I think.

Brickshelf Gallery : http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=327921

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    Can you send me the manual for this model or photos presice more, please, thank you! The faster would be the best.
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