Forklift Truck

The forklift truck is equipped with drive, steering, lifted and tilted fork. Powered by PFS and including building instructions.


The forklift truck is powered by the Power Functions System. The wheels are driven by a XL motor with a 12/24 reduction. The steering is operated on the rear by a M with a clutch system. To raise the fork, I use the same construction as on 8416 forklift truck with a 2-section telescopic boom and string. At least, a M operates the tilting of fork with a lever and connecting rod system. This MOC includes PFS battery, 4 motors and 2 IR receivers, and it is smaller than the 8436. This is the reason why I created the building instructions, to enable you to re-built it. For the parts, it is mainly composed of 8275, 8292 (yellow part) and other parts such as wheels and racks.

I have created the building instructions. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Downloading the Zip Archive of the Forklift truck, 10mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2008

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    Do you have a Parts list for this forklift
    I’m looking to build one and this one is the best I’ve seen Thanks

    Hello Nico71.

    Well I have made your Forklift too.
    I used all the parts out the Biggest Volvo set (42030)
    There was one problem wich Wheels do you used??

    Okay,My model looks very beautifull and rush in ny

    Thanks for the Building Photos.

    Groetjes out the Netherlands

    Hello Nico.

    WOW I like your Lego Forklift.
    I have saved all your photos on a memorycard from my Sony PSP.
    Now can I build your Forklifttruck.
    Your photos give me enough inspiration to build this model.
    Beautifull handly good work.
    To be continued…..

    When I’m finished.

    Ronald S.

    Hallo Nico
    Ik heb de trail jeep en de piaggio al gemaakt prima werkende modellen
    Nu wil ik de forklift gaan maken heb je voor mij ook een onderdelen lijst dan kan ik die bestellen
    Alvast bedankt

    Hello Nico,
    I’m Caleb from Alabama in the U.S.A.
    I am not the type of guy to build regular Lego sets, but much less to be building stuff like that! Plus, I don’t have ANY of those pieces. So I was wondering if there is any way I could buy one from you? If you could, would you be able to send me a price (pieces + labor to build it,and any thing else included) to my email? If not, please let me know. (There is no limit to the price)

    Thank you and all of my best regards!

    Hi! I just finished to build your Forklift. Thank you for the instructions. Nice model!

    Hi how are you?

    I have a question to this Forklift. What are the scale of this Forklift, or how long is it.

    Greetings from Austria

    Hello, I have used :
    -3 motor M (steering, fork up and fork tilt)
    -1 motor XL (driving)
    You can check the building instruction to see how it is built.

    hello Nicolas, ill have a big question: how many and witch type motors have you used??

    Hello Christian, I propose you the 8275, 8292 or 8265 and some wheel and some rack. Regards

    Hello Nicolas,

    I really like your forklift, I would like to build it myself, but I have a limited amount of Lego.
    Out of witch set can I build it?

    Greetings from Holland,


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