Folding Stage Trailer

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5 Responses

  1. Daniel Pereira says:

    can you sell me one? how much?
    I am Portuguese and I have a real mobile stage
    so has a difference, my truck is yellow

  2. dylan says:

    hey u know you could have put a piston motor in the truck and put rear diferentials on the back like in set 8041 and if u want to say something to me send it to my email addres its

  3. fan! says:

    can you make a list of all the materials?? please 🙂

  4. gabry says:

    It’s very cool, but if I were you I’d cover the trailer with black plates. I love plates! XD

  5. Claude Lacombe says:

    Très beau travail, j’aime bien l’historique concernant le dĂ©veloppement d’un MOC et lĂ  j’ai Ă©tĂ© servi Ă  souhait!

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