Five Axles Crane

My first crane ! Equiped with stabilizer, stering, fake engine, rotating superstructure, lifted and telescopic boom and winch. All are manually operated.

Four axles are steered (with rear and front control), center axle drives the fake engine. Superstructure can rotate with a turntable and round brick 2×2 placed behind the cab with bevel gears. Stabilisers are operated by a 12t on rear of crane (with worm gears). Stabilisers can lift the crane but without load. Two pneumatic cylinders raise the boom. The telescopic boom is composed of 3-sections, linked with a string (such as on 8421). Crane cab rotates to follow the boom. To finish, with a counterweight of 240g, the crane can lift 1kg (not-extented) and 200g fully extended.

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Designed in 2007

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    Hi just wondering if you have the instructions for your 5 axle crane if so is there any way you could please email them to me many thanks adrian

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