Cuckoo clock

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11 Responses

  1. Nico71 says:

    It will not !

  2. RobLars2302 says:

    When are the Cuckoo instructions available

  3. James Meakin says:


    is it possible to modify this say to have an arm that moves forward and back with the second hand, (like the cuckoo but more frequent) and also instead of having a weight having tension of rubber bands instead?

  4. Henk says:

    This is just brilliant. I was just creating a model in order to teach children time reading but with 3 NXT motors. This model is far better.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Nico71 says:

    You should have a close look to the escapment wheel. In order to obtain a good functionning, the escapment wheel must be at a correct distance of the double pushing lever. So try to modify the distance by sliding the two escapment wheel on them axle.

  6. jostein says:

    i built thath with instruction it works somtimes ND SOMTIMES NOT

  7. Nico71 says:

    Because the cuckoo clock is the most advanced clock I did so I prefer to make building instructions for advanced creation.

  8. jostein says:

    hello i see you hawe to cucko clok one whit instructions and one that dosent hawe why

  9. admin says:

    When I have time, so after Fanabriques Meeting the 25-26 june.

  10. Logan says:

    When are the instructions coming?

  11. miron89 says:

    Really cool creation!
    I like it!

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