Crossbow With Magazine

My first attemp to create a lego gun, a crossbow with magazine.


I wanted for a while to create a shooting mechanism, not for the killing process of a weapons but rather for the accuracy shooting game, despite the fact that I play some FPS on computer.


The mechanism is very basic (as the design haha), the rubber band is tight between the cross section of the crossbow and it passes in the main groove. The slidding mechanism also called slide is design to take the rubber band and pull it in the locking mechanism.


The locking mechanism is composed of two mechanisms, the first is a lever which can move freely backward but is stopped forward. It ensures the pass of the rubber band and then its lock. The second mechanism is trigger mechanism, when the trigger is activate, it pulls under the locking mechanism which causes the shooting.


The last mechanism is connected to the magazine. When the slide is pulled and pushed, the red liftarm pushes the ammo in front of locking mechanism ahead the rubber band. A other rubber band located in the magazine ensures the fall and tension of the ammo.

You can see it functioning with is better to understand :

The performance is quite good, the shooting force is enough to shot the ammo in 3 or 4 meter with good power. The magazine can handle 6 ammo and the construction is very simple and reliable. The design is very simple, quite ugly in fact but it is a first attempt to create a shooting mechanism, especially to design the magazine, locking a trigger mechanism. A better version will be released with maybe instructions.


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    sooooo yrue You are my inspiration for when I feel i cant build something, I think of how you would have found another way to it.
    #inspiration now and forever

    I texted you on snapchat too..add me and see my message. Add- princejatin
    I just wanted building instructions for the crossbow gun you made. It was fascination and I wish i coukd make one like that. It would be very kind of you if you could reply me and provide me the instructions. Thank you.☺️

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