BuWizz, a bluetooth controller, better than Sbrick ?

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  1. Nico71 says:

    Hello, understand and agree to your point. I have written on this new article that now the sbrick app works for me.

    But the major problem that I have with sbrick was the communication at the begining or the release of android, many people complain about it which it didn’t works, I think you release the app too soon, even if the BLE was immature, it is your responsability to releas ean app which works, especially if the product is for sale. anyway, now it works that is why I write the article on the small crawler loader.

  2. Gaboo says:

    Hi Nico71, As I have participated in the rewriting of the BLE code of latest SBrick Android App version I want to comment on your statement of “mostly because I never make it works with the sbrick, connection on android is very difficult, for me it doesn’t work. (iphone is ok)”. I think it is mainly was not the fault of the App itself, but more the result of the immature BLE stack released with Android. You can fact check my statment by searching Android bug database for BLE releated issues or check app reviews of some prominent manufacturer like Parrot (they produce BLE controlled drones). I also find extremely unfair behavior form Buwizz to build maketing campaing on this statement. Can you re-check the latest version (or one which was released after late 2016)?

  3. kortschak says:

    The communication protocol has not been opened by the manufacturers, but I’ve spent a little time on reverse engineering it and have enough information to be able to control motors over BLE from a laptop. My notes are here https://github.com/ev3go/ev3dev/issues/49.

  4. Nico71 says:

    Yes it can, see this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1nb0xcaqXo Also, I prefere the buwizz because of the battery inside (and which cost less if you compare have a lipo battery) but mostly because I never make it works with the sbrick, connection on android is very difficult, for me it doesn’t work. (iphone is ok), the buwizz works fantastics on android.

  5. Another Lego Fan says:

    I’m not sure whether or not to get an Sbrick or Buwizz. I’m leaning towards Sbrick because I prefer to use Lego parts (battery box), and even though I know he motors can handle it, I wonder if the extra voltage could affect the warranty. Can the Buwizz provide enough power in normal mode to run a buggy motor or two, and at what speed? If it can handle 2, than one Buwizz is better value than two Sbricks

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