Smart Brick : A bluetooth brick for controlling your creations

The smart brick is a Bluetooth brick which enables you to control your creations by using your smartphone !


This smart brick is the best news of this year, it has reached the goal of 60.000£ of pledge and will be finally comes true in November ! To be simple, this brick can be connected with 4 devices (motor, servo or light) and is control by an outstanding app for ios and android.

Official Presentation

Here is the key featured :

Here is the official presentation from Sbrick team :

Here is the how to video from the sbrick team :


Sbrick team has contacted some beta tester as Sariel, me, mahjqa, Crowkillers etc. All have made video for testing the brick and shows the awesome possibilities. One word to see : buy one, this is not expensive and better than classic lego IR receiver !

English Review

For english users, here is the most complete video test by Sariel :

French Review

And for french users, here is my commented video :

Get your own sbrick for a delivery in november !

Special thanks to Sbrick team who have chosen me as a beta tester and for lending me a Iphone 4S. Very Good job friends!

The gallery of the prototype sbrick :