Black Buggy V2

A new version of my black buggy. Features steering, suspensions and fake engine with a new system of suspensions and frame. Including building instructions.


The buggy has a complex system of suspensions. First the front suspension is oriented with an positiv trail angle. Secondly, the rear suspensions are built with two main arms which support the wheel hubs and 2 tilted shock absorbers as on a real buggy. Two U-join are used to allow movements and oscillations of the rear axle. The rear differential is connected to the fake engine V6 thanks to gears 16:16. The steering is driven by the HOG and the steering wheel, thanks to a U-join and bevel gears (thought the seat). This moc is very playable and funny, it’s also a great example of 4-link suspensions. The building instructions were made by Elvisnake, french AFOL on

The building instructions are available. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Download the Zip Archive of the Buggy’s instructions, 5 mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2010