Baja Bug

First attempt to create a non-truck for truck trial competition, features independent suspensions, steering and drive.


The aim was to create a non-truck vehicle, features drives, steering and suspension. I would also test the suspensions such as on Tatra Truck, with one backbone. That is why there is one axle driven on the car. This axle is on the center of car and drive all wheels. The suspensions are independent with shock absorbers. The steering is driven by a M motor placed under the bonnet and is connected to the steering wheel. To discuss about the performances, there are quite good but with scale-adapted obstacles. That is why if you want to pass big obstacles, the ground clearance isn’t enough high. Traditionally, in trial truck competition, the obstacles are bigger than wheels, this is the reason why we have big ground clearance, despite the realism. We have to find a harmony between the ground clearance and the realism.

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Designed in 2009

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