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7 Responses

  1. MaFai says:

    Great job, I’m the first time to come. When I google the machine that which can calculate the area because I just watch the multivariable calculus of MIT course video. The teacher show that the picture of the machine. Then google redirect me to here.

    Amazing, you use Lego seems can build anything, great share.

    By the way, I know you have share the very detail PDF manual.

    However I never play Lego before, do you have any tips to share for the beginner? I like the mechanical machine series e.g. Mechanical Slot Machine. Share I start at 8420 first same as you?

    I have coding background but lack of physics knowledge.

  2. Lou bogumil says:

    My name is lou bogumil. I live in w.v., u.s.a.. As a kid i spent allotta time building with legos till, at seventeen, i donated my entire collection to a nieghbor who lost everything on x-mas eve in a fire. About a year ago i bought my son some duplo blocks for his third birthday and in 24 hours he had built a garage for his firetruck. I was so excited that he liked them so much i went out and not only got him more, i bought myself two technic sets so we would have something we could do together. So at 31 years old i started a new collection that is still pretty limited and i started lookin online for other inthusiest and found moc pages then ur site. After seein some of ur creations i was inspired to purchuse the powerfuctions system. I am taken away by some of the creations ive seen here and hope to expand my colletion. Thank you for the insperation and congrads on the amazing mocs.

  3. Finlego says:

    You are really the best lego technic builder that I’ve seen. I love your buildings, do you work in some lego place? πŸ˜€

  4. Blastem says:

    What is well done has good rank πŸ˜‰
    Congrats Nico, you are an awsome Builder πŸ™‚

  5. BuildingQuality says:

    Thanks a lot! English language was a very good idea πŸ™‚
    Happy rich in bricks new year!

  6. David Luders says:

    Your blog is very valuable to the Lego Technic AFOL community. Thanks for all of your hard work! I have built some of your creations (using your instructions), and appreciate your sharing the fun with others. Nouvelle annΓ©e heureuse !

  7. merry Christmas and happy new year ! For you too.

    I like your work and your website, consequently it have been blogged several times on my little blog. Keep the good work and your valuous contributions
    to the Lego Technic little community!

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