A PFS crawler loader, with drive, lifted and tilted pneumatic bucket, thanks to Sariel’s autovalve. Including building instructions.


The drive is composed of 2 XL motors with 12/20 reduction. The XL are placed under the back and powered each track on the same axle. The trick I used is to placed the XL in face together and pass the power on the same axle. That is why I could put a pendular suspension on the front to be more realistic than my precedent loader.


Also the new feature is the pneumatic bucket, I have chosen this because I prefer the smooth movement of pneumatic. 2 M drive the 2 autovalves with a pneumatic compressor per valve.  Considering the small available width, I developed a 9-stud double autovalve (11 in normal construction). The moc is very effective, spite of the battery box is placed on the top of the cab.

The building instructions are available. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Download the Zip Archive of the Crawler Loader with Autovalve’s instructions, 5 mo, ZIP.

Designed in 2010

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