A motorized Lego Crawler Grabber, featured drives with bogie suspension, auto tilting claw and raising and extending boom.

The aim of this creation was to have a playing vehicle using the crawler tracks. I have been inspired by the 8062 grabber. This model featured featured drives, auto tilting claw and raising and extending boom.


The drive is operated by two XL motors, which drives a 12t/36t gearing, ensuring good speed and torque. The crawler tracks are equipped with double bogie with spring, ensuring a good absorbing of raw surface.


The main playalable component is the boom. It cans be raised by two linear actuators powered by a M motor. Then, it can be extended by a M motor located on the bottom with a rack pinion gearing. Note that this function is equipped with a linear clutch composed of two axle joiner connected with a small tube n°75 ensuring the clutching system.


The claw is powered by a M motor inside it, which drives a worm screw gearing with rubber band ensuring the clutching mechanism. But the claw is also equipped with a auto-tilting system, which makes always the claw to be in the same orientation. I have use for that a system of fixed gearing inside the boom. When the boom is raised, the fixed gear gives rotation to the main axle, which give also rotation to the claw, ensuring the orientation. Then, as the boom can be extended, I have use the new 8 tooth gear with no friction and long sliding 16L-axle. The result is that the model doesn’t need a adjustable claw orientation, its remains always horizontal.


As the result, the model is very playable, the functions are good and work fine. The clutch is a good thing to prevent damage. Also it can raise object at high point and make some offroad using the powerful track and bogie suspension. The main power is given by the Lipo batterie, but a standard one can be mounted also.


See it in action :

Building Instructions


Thorsten Spletz has made beautiful instructions based on photo sequence I have taken. Therefore, there are two building instructions available : a sold one, for 10€, in order to support my work with professional looking and an other for free as a photo sequence. Both has a bill of material.

Here is the bill of material :

(click to enlarge it)

Also indexed to rebrickable.


By using the next up paypal button, you will get the building instruction in PDF for 10€.

- Get the building instructions for 10€

After your payment, click on “return to MocShop” and wait for the redirection, you will be redirected directly on the PDF file.

If you browser can read the PDF, please wait until the end of the download (it can take some minutes) and after save it on your computer. Please Note that this page will be opened only one time so please be patient to download and saves you copy of the PDF. If your browser can not read the PDF, you will be ask to save it directly on your computer.

If you have trouble to download your copy of the PDF after payment, please contact me using the “About Page”.

Note that you can print it, but not copy or distribute.

Free Photo Sequence

You can download it as a ZIP file of 32mo, or by browsing the blog :

Crawler Grabber_photo sequence.pdf (32mo)

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