Review of the Phondly EnBo PU battery pack

Review of the Phondly EnBo PU battery pack, a USB rechargeable battery for Lego Powered Hub (Control+).


If you know the Powered Hub, you know that Lego doesn’t produce any rechargeable battery with this hub. The EnBo PU Battery Pack from Phondly aims to solve this problem with a usb rechargeable battery and stable Voltage. This review presents the prototype that Phondly sent to me, which plan to launch soon a crowdfunding campaign to mass-produce it.



  • Stable 9V output up to full discharge
  • Easily handles 5A power demand
  • The included batteries are 2040mAh 18500 cells with a total capacity of 14.6Wh
  • USB-C charging port for 2A fast charge
  • Built-in battery protection for overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent


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