Racing Truck

A simple racing truck  to test top speed , steering and suspensions.

This truck was designed to test the top speed of a vehicle powered by a XL motor. To do this, I equipped this truck with a multiplication 24/8 and front suspensions. The steering is operated by a M motor with clutch. With Ttools, I calculate some data :

Top Speed : 7km/h

Speed in charge : 5.5 km/h

Designed in 2008

(2) Comments

    it’s a very nice model and i like to build it.
    but you don’t have a builing instruction.
    i can try to make it from the 4 pictures but that’s hard to try.
    i think that you can make it again whit the pictures.
    and take a few more pictures.
    (i hope you now a bit how it was build…)


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