Halloween Monster

A small creation for halloween : the lighning halloween monster.


For marking the occasion, I have decided some weeks ago to build a special creation for halloween. I wanted to create a pumpkin in lego with lights in it but not figure out to build correct shape with the orange parts I have. Therefore, I have decided to build a lighting sculpture of a monster.


There are two Led Lights from lego (so 4 LED), which is connected to the lipo battery. Then, I put on other motor and battery to make alternately rotate the control of power of the light, in order to have a alive effect.


The principal difficulty was to obtain the correct shape on the mouth and the eye especially in the dark. Then I uses translucent red parts for the teeth because with black one, there was not enough light power to have a good effect. Regarding the result I think I would need a other light on the center to have a complete and proper mouth illumination.


The second important point was to avoid light leak because if there is, the viewing result will not be good. That I do by making a box around the light to prevent leak and add a black flat panel on the rear in order to limit the light reflection on the background. The result is not perfect but this is lego technic, not system, so I can not make full dark boxes. The effect is still conclusive by displaying at the Halloween night and have some good returns.