1:8 Convertible Supercar

My first big and convertible car. Features steering on HOG and steering wheel, gearbox with shifter linkages, independent suspensions, convertible top and fake engine V10.


This car was designed to manage to create a working supercar at 1:8 scale. At the beginning, I decided to built lot of features on the supercar but the main was a HOG behind the seat for playability. The problem was that the gearbox is placed on the front between the seats, that is why the HOG was difficult to place here. In order to avoid the by-pass of the gearbox with lot of gears (you can see a example here) I chose to develop a new gearbox based on shifter linkage system, which allows me to put the steering axle on the center of gearbox.


Basically, the gearbox lever control 2 main axles which operate the driving ring as a changeover catch. The steering axle is placed on the center. For the other features, the suspensions are composed of classic suspensions with shock absorbers. The bonnet and the doors can be opened. The convertible top is made with a 4-point parallelogram with no-equal length. It results a complex kinematic, which allow to displace the  top with and angle and finally to be horizontal. You can watch the Gif animation :


Designed in 2010

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    You should have a look at the building instructions of 8448, 8466 or 8880. The technical solutions depends on what you own. Regards

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