After my Unimog, I would like to improve some things : ground clearance, axle and weight. I managed but weight repartition isn’t very good. It’s also my first big truck in studfull.


The truck is of course equipped with a single XL motor to drive and a M for the steering. The reduction is 8/24, 8/24, 12/20. But the new things are on the axles. To compare with the unimog axle, there are less bulky but less strong. The rotation point of each axle is 3 studs lower, which improves the stability on slope. The ground clearance is 1 stud higher. But it ins’t as reliable and stable as my Unimog, causes of weight repartition. Indeed, weight is concentrated on the front with the XL and the cab. This is why this truck isn’t as high-performance as I expected.

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