Road grader, features steering, lifting and rotating blade, rear ripper, opening trunk, fake engine and pendular suspensions. Built for the contest at


This road grader was built for the contest at The general rules are : under 600-parts, grader, no power functions system. The lifting and rotating of the blade are  operated by two 12t bevel gears on the rear. The working system is a worm screw on 24t with lever and ball-joint arm. The rear and front axle are pendular, the rear is connected to the V6 under the trunk with a differential. Another function is hidden in the trunk : the rear ripper. It is driven by a 12t with 20/12t gear and worm screw on 24t gear.


Initally, the model had 615 parts, therefore I have to get rid of the excess parts in order to remain under 600 parts. That is why this grader have a lack of finishing design.


I have created the building instructions. You can watch them by browsing my webiste or

Download the Zip Archive of building instructions of the gradder, 3mo.

Designed in 2011.

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