Here is the first article of a serie about lego under X-ray, today we have a look to the lego servo-motor.

cable_rota - A1

I have changed my work in february 2017, from schedule and production manager to R&D mechanical engineer in a company who designs and manufactures CT-Scanner. These machines useX-Ray to penetrate the raw-material in order to watch inside. The well-known use is the radiography in order to see bone-fractures. Our CT-scanner are not specialized in medical field but in industrial field. That is to say is that this CT-scanner are used for looking inside material, parts, assembly for industrial purposes (Material integrity, Assembly verification, Failure analysis) or measure (Dimensional metrology, Porosity and fiber analysis).

(360 views of Lego servo motor under X ray)

What is the point with lego ? The point is that I have planed to do a series of video about lego under X-ray because there is so much to talk and to do about lego under X-ray. For instance : know how the motors are build, how the parts are molded, are the chinese lego bricks worse than lego ? Or scanning whole construction.

The first video is about lego Servo Motor, in dead, I have trouble to make it work properly because I assume a problem of wire. Thanks to the CT-scanner, we can see the inaccessible.

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