Here are the results :

Many thanks for your participation ! It is very useful for me to know what you want and what you need. According to the result, I have decided to develop the digital PDF sale shop, then the printed building instructions. Despite the large amount of people who are interested in complete package, there are not enough for paying 125%-150% of the Lego price. Because this is the real price for crafted sets (depends on the price of Bricklink). Consequently, I have decided to NOT release this type of product at the moment.

Concerning the E-shop for buying building instruction, I am currently working on a E-shop which enables ALL builders to sell their PDF. The builders will be able to use the E-shop to put the instructions up for sale and receive incomes with an automatic retailing and a download section.

If you are a builder, and if you are interested in selling your PDF instructions, please contact me ! I am sure that you will be interested in my E-shop.

Erratum 07th may 2011 :

I have figure out all problems I have for the payment BUT I will not launch finally the service.
I explain you why : In fact I have always done my work in lego for free and now selling instruction embarrasses me. I think (finally) that selling thing from hobbys is not the correct way to develop it. Although the price is low, I consider that the most valuable thing I can do to develop and encourage the production of instruction is providing for free.
I don’t judge people who sell instructions, because this is their choices but for me I assume that it is not the right way to monetize our passion (I already receive incomes from youtube for my videos so the money is not the point for me). Concerning the amount of time to create an instruction, if I had launched the service, I would have spent lot of time to create instructions and not to create models.
So many thank for people who contact me to become a instruction sellers. I continue to give for free, it is more rewarding for me :)

Erratum 01th jan 2015 :

After reconsidering the option to sell instructions in 2011, I decide to sell some of them in 2015. The time gives me wrong about not selling instructions because mocplans has came and many builder sell instructions of it and many customer purchase if, there is a big market for people who want high quality instructions, so I decide to try it ! The aim is to support the growing fee for the website (server and host) as the incomes from youtube are now arround zero, plus enable me to buy more lego and new material to enhance the quality of the picture, videos. The only thing which changes is that now some instructions are for sale but are better quality. But of course, there are still a free one, so is up to you to support my work by purchasing an instruction or not. The goal is only to enable you to rebuild a creation of mine.  For this you can purchase on the blog by using the paypal button or on rebrickable which has merged with mocplans recently.

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