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Vertical Lego Pneumatic Engine

A simple Lego Pneumatic Engine which runs with two pumps, unmodified switch and cylinder, even the hardest, with building instructions and available for sale….

Buildamoc : A new service to order Lego creations

Here is a presentation of the new service Buildamoc : a website when you can order Lego creations from designer in only one package with everything you need. Let's begin with a quick presentation of the two people behind Buildamoc, and why they have created such service. I will quote themselves : BuildaMOC was conceived by...

42093 Model C – Sand Buggy

An alternate model of the 42093 – Corvette ZR1 as a sand buggy, features steering, fake L3 engine and suspensions, with building instructions….

Steam Bicycle

A steam bicycle, powered by a Switchless Lego Pneumatic Engine. Features steering, transmission with a two speeds gearbox, rear brake and working throttle, with building instructions….