My entry for the Star Wars contest on Features lot of details.

DSCF9428This entry was made during summer holiday, the aim was to enter the competition without Star Wars parts. The fact is I have only technic parts ! First of all, I had to design the main curved workbench to set the scale and because it is the most difficult part of this moc. I have chosen a curved shape with connector #2 for the frame and flex plus L-shaped beam for the top.


This step was figure out, I have worked of details and homogeneity of the creation. The creation features lot of details including the workbench, parts, robots, generator, control panel, tanks and other parts in mess. The purpose was to fill the space with thing but with homogeneity regarding the color and the shape. The problem was I only had 3 colors which match with the subject : gray, dark grey and black, no tan parts. Not easy to greeb with technic parts !


Considering the fact I have had only technic part in few colors, I am quite proud of my entry for this contest !

Designed in 2011

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