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Lego Survey : The Results

Here are the results : Many thanks for your participation ! It is very useful for me to know what you want and what you need. According to the result, I have decided to develop the digital PDF sale shop, then the printed building instructions. Despite the large amount of people who are interested in complete package, there are not enough for paying 125%-150% of the Lego price. Because this is the real price for crafted sets (depends on the price of Bricklink). Consequently, I have decided to NOT release this type of product at the moment. Concerning the E-shop...

Shop : Survey

I am planning to start a shop with special lego technic product including building instructions and mocs. In order to know more about your needs and your expectations, please answer to this survey : LEGO Survey – done in 3 min or click on the picture : Some example : -Downloaded PDF building instructions -Printed and delivered building instructions -Complete package of moc including parts and building instructions. Thank you ! See the results : https://www.nico71.fr/lego-survey-the-results/