TTools is a simple web software which calculates some usefull data for TruckTrial and Lego vehicles.

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Choose your motor(s)
XL L M NXT RC (out) 71427 47154 Old 9V Quantity
Choose your gears Choose your battery
9V (Alkaline)
7,2V (NiMH, NiCd)
Worm gears and knobs reduce the efficiency
and the available torque.

Choose your dimensions
Wheel diameter : mm
Wheel base (a): mm
Ground clearance (b): mm
Dimension (c) : mm
Dimension (d) : mm

Speed and Torque
Ratio : Motor speed in charge : rpm
Maximun linear speed : km/h Stalled torque on wheels :
Linear speed in charge : km/h Torque on wheels :
Mechanical Power
Electrical Power : W } Efficiency :
Motor Mechanical Power : W
Mechanical Power on wheels : W => Efficiency of drivetrain :
Power lost = + W
Mechanical    Electrical (W)
General Efficiency of vehicle :
Clearing Abilities
Clearance Angle :
Angle of Approach :
Angle of Departure :
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