LPEtools is a simply web software which enables you to know more about your Lego Pneumatic Engine

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Choose the characteristics
Standard cylinder Small cylinder Old cylinder
Number of cylinder
Pressure bar (1 bar = 14,51 psi)
Radius (r) of the crankshaft mm
Dimension (d) of the rod mm
Speed rpm
Number of switch Switchs reduce the efficiency
Have you modified the switchs ?
No Yes
Power and Torque
Theorical Max Power W Theorical Average Torque : N.cm
Some Lego motors equivalent
Torque (N.cm) Speed (rpm) Mechanical Power (W)
XL 40 220 3.3
M 11 405 1.53
NXT 50 170 3.1
71427 & 43362 6 350 0.8
RC 12 1300 2.38
Nota concerning the data : the switchs have an internal deadpoint of 2mm on 20mm of stroke, then the theorical efficiency is 0.90. An experiment has shown that the non-modified switchs have and efficiency of 0.50 to compare with the modified. Copyright © 2011 Nico71